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Acoakko Debut

Album Cover
My Little Lover
acoakko debut
Catalog Number
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Shou Jokyoku (小序曲)
  2. Magic Time
  3. ALICE
  4. 12 Gatsu no Tenshi-tachi (12月の天使達)
  5. Konpeitou no Odori (こんぺいとうの踊り)
  6. Harmony (ハーモニー)
  8. Gogo no Eikou (午後の曳航)
  9. Koushinkyoku (行進曲)
  10. Deck the Halls
  11. Shiny Shoe
  12. NOW AND THEN ~Ushinawareta Toki wo Motomete~ (失われた時を求めて)
  13. Tropak (トレパーク)
  14. Toki no Bell (時のベル)
  15. Chiisana Romance (ちいさなロマンス)
  16. Melody
CD2 acoakko Tracklist
  1. Hello, Again ~Mukashi Kara Aru Basho~ (昔からある場所)
  2. Free
  3. recall
  4. Yokan (予感)
  5. Kanashimi yo Kyou wa (悲しみよ今日わ)
  6. Kuchibiru (くちびる)
  7. Afureru (あふれる)
  8. Inspiration (インスピレーション)
  9. Man & Woman
  10. Kaze to Sora no Kilim (風と空のキリム)


acoakko debut is the second acoustic album (first physical) released by My Little Lover. It was released in a 2CD format only including her first acoustic (digital) album acoakko as the second CD. The album features a collection of previously released songs, however, it also features four songs from the score of the The Nutcracker and a cover of the traditional Christmas song "Deck the Halls". The album reached #59 on Oricon charts and charted for 2 weeks, selling 2,520 copies.

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