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Are Kara 10nen Taiyo to Ciscomoon Live 2009 Last & New Decade

DVD Cover
Taiyo to Ciscomoon
Are Kara 10nen Taiyo to Ciscomoon Live 2009 Last & New Decade (あれから10年 太陽とシスコムーン LIVE 2009 Last&NewDecade)
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Track listing


  1. Opening
  2. Everyday Everywhere
  3. HEY! Mahiru no Shinkirou (HEY!真昼の蜃気楼 )
  4. MC 1
  5. Hey You!
  6. Sunrise Sore Demo Hi wa Noboru (Sunriseそれでも陽は昇る)
  7. MC 2
  8. Medley: Chinmoku (沈黙), Versus, Be Cool Down, Kawaii Hito (かわいい男性 ), Get on my Love
  9. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (宇宙でLaTaTa)
  10. VTR Movie
  11. Medley: Don't Stop Renaichuu (Don't Stop恋愛中 ), Go Go Tokyo (ゴーゴー東京 ), Mata Yacchatta -Shibuya de All no Hi- (またやっちゃった~渋谷でALLの日~), Office Love, Ai no Kaisuu (愛の回数), Marui Taiyou -winter ver.- (丸い太陽)
  12. Be My Love
  13. MC 3
  14. Tsuki to Taiyou (月と太陽)
  15. Gatamekira (ガタメキラ)
  16. Magic of Love
  17. MC 4
  18. ENDLESS LOVE -I Love You More-


  1. Zurui Onna (T&C BOMBER Version) (ズルイ女 (T&C BOMBER Version))
  2. YES! Shiawase (YES!しあわせ )


  1. Magic of Love


  1. Mega Best Sale Commemoration Release at HMV Shibuya
  2. Melon Greeting Guest Appereance
  3. Are Kara 10nen! -Taiyo to Ciscomoon, Saisho de Saigo no Talk Live-
  4. Last & New Decade Backstage Movie
  5. Honban Chokuzen Interview
  6. Memorial Slide Show


"Are Kara 10nen Taiyo to Ciscomoon Live 2009 Last & New Decade" is Taiyo to Cisomoon's reunion concert commemorating it's been 10 years since their debut. The footage featured on this dvd is the October 4th 2009 show at Shibuya Club Asia P. It was only sold at an online store called e-lineup.

RuRu couldn't come to Japan to participate in the reunion concerts as she was busy with work, but she gives her regards in one of the MCs.

Members featured in this release