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Change Your Life

Single Cover
Tsuchiya Anna
Change your life
Catalog Number
  1. Change your life
  3. Every moment
  4. Change your life ~Version 5~


"Change your life" is the debut single released by Tsuchiya Anna. The song features the drummer from THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS, Miyagami Motokatsu. The single came a few months after the release of Tsuchiya's solo debut Taste My Beat. The single reached #35 on Oricon charts and charted for a total of five weeks, selling 9,174 copies.

Song Information

Suzanne Standfast / Patrick Standfast / Joa Geimer
Other Information
Arrangement: Gary Newby (from The Railway Children)
Chorus: ANNA
Drums: Miyagami Motokatsu (from THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS)
Bass & Guitar: Gary Newby
Advisory Producer: Cobra Enda (Mugen)

Music Video

The music video for "Change your life" was directed by UGICHIN.


There are four versions of "Change your life" to be found in Tsuchiya's discography (listed chronologically). These different versions are:

Change your life
Found on "Change your life" single as track #1. This is the version set to the music video.
Change your life ~Version 5~
Found on "Change your life" single as track #4. This version is a re-arrangement, done by CHOKUbich. The background musicians change as well; with the drums now being played by Todoroki Takashi, the bass by Taneda Ken and the guitar by CHOKUbich himeself. This version is longer than the standard version and sounds more drum-heavy.
Change your life (Yukihiro Fukutomi remix)
Found on Taste My xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life! remix album as track #7. This remix was produced by Fukutomi Yukihiro.
Change your life (album version)
Found on strip me? album as track #10. Though this is unmarked, the version on the album is different from the single version of "Change Your life". The album version starts off with track #9, Interlude. The instrumental from this track builds up and continues into the start of "Change your life", which is otherwise unchanged. All instruments from Interlude were performed by Gary Newby.

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