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Lucy (Tsuchiya Anna)

CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
Tsuchiya Anna
Catalog Number
CTCR-40249/B (CD+DVD)
CTCR-40250 (CD)
¥1,890 (CD+DVD)
¥1,050 (CD)
CD Tracklist
  1. LUCY
  2. better day
  3. Dance with me
DVD Tracklist
  1. LUCY (PV)
  2. LUCY (Original Animation Clip)


"LUCY" is the fifth single recorded by Tsuchiya Anna, and her third and final released as ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES). It is an image single for the anime series NANA where it was used as the third opening theme song. The B-side tracks are not character songs. This is the lead-in single to her character album ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES).

It reached #18 on the weekly Oricon chart (selling 7,717 copies opening week) and continued to rank for a total of five weeks. Overall "LUCY" has sold 12,620 copies. It is her sixth best selling single according to ORICON STYLE.[1]

Song Information

Tsuchiya Anna promoting the single
ANNA, Eto Rie


There are currently three versions of "LUCY" to be found in Tsuchiya Anna's discography. These are the versions below, listed chronology by release.

Found on the "LUCY" single as track #1. It was placed on the character album ANNA TSUCHIYA inspi’ NANA (BLACK STONES) as track #8. It was later placed on the split image album NANA BEST as track #7. This is the standard version set to the music video.
LUCY ~Studio Live Version~
Found on the NANA BEST album as track #12. This is a live recording of the song.
LUCY (digiping panda mix)
A remix of the song by digiping panda found on the remix album NUDY xxxremixxxxxxx!!!!!!!! SHOW! as track #2.


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