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Colorful Sensibility

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Album Cover
Colorful Sensibility
  1. Saranghuae (사랑후애; After Love)
  2. Yeojaneun Molla (여자는 몰라; Girls Don't Know)
  3. Geudaeneun Sarangimnida (그대는 사랑입니다; You Are Love)
  4. Love Is
  5. Meotjaengi vs Yeppeuni (FT vs PRI) (멋쟁이 vs 예쁜이; The Cool vs The Pretty)
  6. Oewodogi (외워두기; Memorize)
  7. Miwohago Wonmanghago (미워하고 원망하고; Hate And Resentment)
  8. Ilbun Ilchodo (1분 1초도; 1 Minute 1 Second)
  9. Saranghajimayo (사랑하지마요; Don't Love Me)
  10. Sarangira Boreuneun Ireum (사랑이라 부르는 이름; A Name Called Love)
  11. Troublemaker
  12. Train


Colorful Sensibility is FTISLAND's second album. The album is the first part of a two-parts release, followed by the mini-album Colorful Sensibility (Part 2). The album comes housed in a transparent plastic box which contains 7 envelopes of different colors (purple, green, yellow, orange, red, light blue and dark blue) each of one containing photos of the different members (5 envelopes), lyrics (1 envelope) and the CD itself.

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