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The Singles Collection

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Limited Edition Cover
International Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Catalog Number
WPZL-30715/7 (Limited Edition)
WPCL-11609/10 (International Edition)
WPCL-11611/2 (Regular Edition)
¥7,800 (Limited Edition)
¥3,800 (International Edition)
¥3,360 (Regular Edition)
CD1 Tracklist
  1. Shiawa Theory (シアワセオリー; Theory of Happiness)
  2. You Are My Life
  3. Polar Star
  6. Distance
  7. Let it go!
  9. So today...
  10. Brand-new days
  11. Flower Rock
CD2 Tracklist
  1. Revolution from 1st single "Flower Rock"
  2. Wing from 1st single "Flower Rock"
  3. I change for you from 3rd single "So today..."
  4. I want from 4th single "SATISFACTION"
  5. Dream sky from 5th single "Let it go!"
  6. Venus from 6th single "Distance"
  7. YUKI from 7th single "NEVERLAND"
  8. Here from 8th single "TOP SECRET"
  9. Fallin' for you from 9th single "Polar Star"
  10. COME INTO MY DREAM from 10th single "You Are My Life"
  11. Shiawa Theory (Korean Version) (Limited Edition only) (シアワセオリー)
  12. Shiawa Theory (English Version) (International and Regular Edition only) (シアワセオリー)
"Limited Edition" DVD Tracklist
  1. "RATED-FT" Special -adhesion in Seoul- (unreleased video recording director's cut) ("RATED-FT" スペシャル -密着 in ソウル- (未公開映像収録ディレクターズカット版))


THE SINGLES COLLECTION is the first Japanese best album (second overall) released by FTISLAND. It was released in three editions, a limited 2CD+DVD edition, an international 2CD edition and a regular 2CD edition. The album includes all singles of the group released under the label Warner Music Japan up to date on the CD 1 and b-sides of the singles not included on any of their Japanese albums on the CD 2. The CD 2 also include a bonus track, a Korean and English version of the song "Shiawa Theory" (Limited edition comes with the Korean version and International/Regular edition comes with the English version). The Limited edition also includes an earphone jack accessory (5 types) in a box specification, a luxury photo book and a serial code type 1. The International edition comes with a B2-size poster and a serial code type 2. First press of the regular edition comes with a trading card (one randomly choosed out of six types) and a serial code type 2.

Oricon Chart Positions

FTISLAND promoting the album
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 10 13 15 24 36 9 12,793
32 x x x x x x 70 1,789
x x x x x x x 141 625
x x x x x x x 283 282

Total Reported Sales: 15,489*

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