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Folk (album)

Album Cover
Folk (フォーク)
2004.12.15 (Best Buy Price)
2005.02.23 (Regular Price)
Catalog Number
ESCL-2610 (Best Buy Price)
ESCL-2637 (Regular Price)
¥2,500 (Best Buy Price)
¥2,940 (Regular Price)
  1. Strike (ストライク)
  2. Tenohira (テノヒラ; The Hand's Palm)
  3. LIST
  4. Kaiwa (会話; Conversation)
  5. Yume no Tsuzuki no Youna Mono (夢の続きのようなもの; Like a Continuation of a Dream)
  6. Jigazou (自我像; My Self Image)
  7. Folk (フォーク)
  8. Hikou (ヒコウ; Flight)
  9. The end of despair
  10. Kudaranai Kotoba Hashagi Sugita Basho (くだらない言葉 はしゃぎすぎた場所; Stupid Words, a Too Carried Away Place)
  11. Echo (エコー)
  12. CCCDream (Hidden Track)


Folk is the third major and fourth overall album released by Suneohair. Sometime after "Echo" ends, a hidden track titled "CCCDream" plays. The album was first released in December of 2004 as a 'Best Buy Price' edition, a limited time special price version, and was only produced for two months. After the time limit was up, a regular price edition was released in February of 2005. This is Suneohair's longest charting album, reaching #23 on the Oricon weekly charts where it charted for nine weeks.

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