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Gauze -62045-

VHS Cover
DVD Limited Edition Cover
DVD Regular Edition Cover
Dir en grey
GAUZE -62045-
1999.11.17 (VHS)
2000.04.19 (DVD)
Catalog Number
AMVM-8040 (VHS)
AMBM-B001 (DVD Limited Edition)
FWB-001 (DVD Regular Edition)
¥5,040 (VHS)
¥7,140 (DVD)
  1. GAUZE -mode of adam- (PV)
  2. Schwein no Isu (Schweinの椅子; Chair of the Pig) (PV)
  3. Yurameki (ゆらめき; Waver) (PV)
  4. raison d'etre (reason of being) (PV)
  5. 304 Goushitsu, Hakushi to Sakura (304号室、白死の桜; Room 304, Cherry Blossoms of White Death) (PV)
  6. Cage (PV)
  7. Tsumi to Batsu (蜜と唾; Crime and Punishment) (PV)
  8. mazohyst of decadence (PV)
  9. Yokan (予感; Premonition) (PV)
  10. MASK (PV)
  11. ZAN (残-ZAN-; Remains) (PV)
  12. Akuro no Oka (アクロの丘; The Hill of Acropolis) (PV)
  13. GAUZE -mode of eve- (PV)


GAUZE -62045- is the fourth VHS and first DVD released by Dir en grey. It features music videos for every song on their first album GAUZE and includes commercials aired before, during and after the GAUZE era.. It was released in three editions; a VHS, a Limited Edition DVD and a Regular Edition DVD. The Limited Edition DVD includes a different cover. The DVD reached #50 on the Oricon charts, and charted for 1 week.

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