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Tour 00-01 Macabre Deep(-),Deep(-),Deep(-),Deep(er)

VHS Cover
Dir en grey
TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[er]
Catalog Number
  1. December 4th Zepp Tokyo
  2. December 5th Zepp Tokyo
  3. December 12th Zepp Sendai
  4. December 14th Zepp Sapporo
  5. December 20th Zepp Osaka
  6. December 22nd Zepp Osaka
  7. December 24th DIAMOND HALL
  8. December 25th DIAMOND HALL
  9. December 28th Zepp Fukuoka
  10. December 31st Banana Hall


TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[-],Deep[er] is the first fanclub VHS released by Dir en grey. It contains live footage to promote their second album MACABRE. The VHS was released only for a limited time for their a knot fanclub members. Most of the footage was released fully to the public later as TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE.