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Tour 05 It Withers and Withers -Bootlegged-

DVD Cover
Dir en grey
TOUR 05 It Withers and Withers -Bootlegged-
Catalog Number
  1. 2005.03.16 Aster Plaza (Hiroshima)
  2. 2005.04.29-30 Studio Coast (Shinkiba)
  3. 2005.05.28 Columbiahalle (Berlin / Germany)
  4. 2005.06.03 Rock Am Ring (Eifel / Germany)
  5. 2005.06.04 Rock Im Park (Nuemberg / Germany)
  6. 2005.07.24 Olympia (Paris / France)
  7. 2005.07.29 Octopus Rock Festival [North Nivelles / Belgium)
  8. Merciless Cult (PV)
  9. dead tree (PV)
  10. Staff Roll


TOUR 05 It Withers and Withers -Bootlegged- is the first fanclub DVD released by Dir en grey. It contains live footage to promote their fifth album Withering to death.. The DVD was released only for a limited time for their a knot fanclub members. Most of the footage was released fully to the public later as TOUR 05 It Withers and Withers.