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J³Kansai was a half hour TV show that was aired on Kansai TV and hosted by the Kansai Johnny's Jr.s members, which were called as Kanjani. Some of the Kanjanis were choosen to be the main hosts and they will do some tasks and find an answer for the questions from the audience letters or mails. And at the end of the show they will sing and give a performance with other Kanjanis.

Main Members


The show was first aired at October 2nd, 2002. The main members at that time were Murakami Shingo, Yokoyama You, Shibutani Subaru, Nishikido Ryo, Maruyama Ryuhei, Yasuda Shota and Uchi Hiroki. Other Kanjani members were only backdancers for the performance segment.

Because J³Kansai was aired on Kansai TV's Channel 8, the producers think that having an eight member group on the show would be an interesting gimmick. Because of that, on the airing time at 18th Dec 2002, 2 announcment were made. First, that Ohkura Tadayoshi, who until then backdanced for them on the show, will be joining them hosting the show and second, that their unit will be called Kanjani8.

On 26 th March 2003, they aired the last episode of this show.

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