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Shibutani Subaru

Shibutani Subaru

Shibutani Subaru (渋谷すばる) is a Japanese Idol singer and actor.


  • Birth Name: Shibutani Subaru (渋谷すばる)
  • Nickname: Shibuyan, Baru, Babu-kun
  • Date of Birth: September 22, 1981 (1981-09-22) (age 40)
  • Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Family: Parents, two brothers; one older and one younger
  • Bands / Groups:



  • [2016.02.10] Uta (歌)


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  • His image color is red.
  • Has a skull tattoo on his right hand, often covers it with a glove.
  • Has a really, really close relationship to fellow band member Yasuda Shota.
  • Has an exchange diary with Yasuda.
  • Collects hats and claims to have over 100.
  • Is the main vocalist of the group and tries to lead everyone in singing.
  • Together with Yokoyama and Murakami he's often thought of as one of the leaders of the group, despite all of them having stated that Kanjani8 has no leader. He is, however, with those two the other five's senior.
  • Is known for writing lyrics that often reflects his own feelings he has or have had during different periods in life.
  • Was once told by Ryo to cut his hair, in reply he just stared until Ryo got scared and left.
  • Often lies by exaggerating things, such as claiming his height is 173 cm, that he has over 150 pair shoes and that he needs to have at least 100 000 yen with him whenever he's going out.
  • Refuses to ever go to the female department whenever out shopping (usually with Yasuda) but even so you often see him wearing skirts and lately it seems that he's come to appreciate dresses too.