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Ken Hirai Films Vol.15

From generasia
DVD/Blu-ray Cover
Hirai Ken
Ken Hirai Films Vol.15
Catalog Number
BVBL-154 (DVD Edition)
BVXL-77 (Blu-ray Edition)
¥3,850 (DVD/Blu-ray Edition)
  1. Kokuhaku (告白; Confession)
  2. Kikyō ga Oka (桔梗が丘; Bellflower Hill)
  3. Grotesque feat.Amuro Namie (グロテスク feat.安室奈美恵)
  4. Kitte no Nai Okurimono (切手のないおくりもの; Stampless Presents)
  5. Soredemo Shitai (ソレデモシタイ; I Still Wanna Do It)
  6. Kimi no Kodō wa Kimi ni Shika Narasenai (君の鼓動は君にしか鳴らせない; Only You Can Hear Your Heartbeat)
  7. Plus One
  8. Mahoutte Itte Ii Kana? (魔法って言っていいかな?; It's Nice to Talk About Magic, Isn't It?)
  9. ON AIR
  10. Boku no Kokoro wo Tsukutte yo (僕の心をつくってよ; Make My Heart)
  11. Hot (ほっ)
  12. Nonfiction (ノンフィクション)
  13. Todokanai Kara (トドカナイカラ; I Can't Reach You)
  14. Shiranai ne Desho? (知らないんでしょ?; You Don't Know, Right?)
  15. half of me
  16. Itemo Tattemo (いてもたっても; Can't Control Myself)
  17. # 302
  18. Kaibutsu-san feat.Aimyon (怪物さん feat.あいみょん; Mr./Ms. Monster)
  19. TV SPOT

Ken Hirai Films Vol.15 is the 15th video release by Hirai Ken. It is his first time releasing MUSIC VIDEO collection in about 9 years, covering from 2012 release single "Kokuhaku" to the recent 2020 release single "Kaibutsu-san feat.Aimyon". It was released simultaneously with his 10th studio album, Anata ni Naritakatta.

Oricon Chart Positions

Year Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
2021 WEEK
6 9 13 14 18 - 10 1,186

Total Reported Sales: 1,186*

Year Week Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
2021 WEEK
6 - - - - - 7 2,060

Total Reported Sales: 2,060*

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