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8cm Single Cover
Re-issued 12cm Single Cover
Shiina Ringo
Koufukuron (幸福論; A View of Happiness)
1998.05.27 (8cm CD)
Catalog Number
  1. Koufukuron (幸福論)
  2. Suberidai (すべりだい; Slide)

Koufukuron (幸福論)
1999.10.27 (12cm CD)
Catalog Number
  1. Koufukuron (幸福論; Theory of Happiness)
  2. Suberidai (すべりだい; Launch Platform)
  3. Toki ga Bousou Suru (時が暴走する; Time Drives Recklessly)


"Koufukuron" is Shiina Ringo's debut single. It was used as the ending theme song to the TBS TV show Ai no Hinadan. When it was originally released as an 8cm single in 1998, it failed to chart on the Oricon singles chart. However, in 1999, the the single was re-released at the same time as Honnou, this time in 12cm format and featuring an extra track. The re-released version of "Koufukuron" rose to #10 on the Oricon single charts and charted for 24 weeks. The re-released version of "Koufukuron" sold a total of 261,090 units in Japan.

Originally Shiina planned to release "Suberidai" as her debut single, however it was decided by her record company that it was a better decision to release "Koufukuron". A 12cm version of the single was released for aesthetic reasons. The song "Suberidai" can be seen as happening before the events of "Koufukuron", and the song "Toki ga Bousou Suru"before "Suberidai". To Shiina, she believed that the original two-track single felt unfinished to listeners. Also, prior to the release of the 12cm version, it was announced that Shiina would be appearing in a swim suit on the cover. However, when the cover was finally revealed, it showed a seven-year-old Shiina Ringo at the beach with her family (naturally in a swimming suit).

Song Information

Shiina Ringo
Shiina Ringo
Other Information
Arrangement: Kameda Seiji
Bass: Kameda Seiji
Drums: Kawamura Bokai
Guitar: Nishikawa Susumu
Synthesizer: Kitoashiro Hakase
Recording / Mastering: Kitoashiro Hakase

Music Video

The PV for "Suberidai" was directed by Usui Hiroshi. The first scene shows Shiina in a schoolgirl outfit lying rigidly on concrete amongst some apples, with a crowd gathering around her and looking at her. When the camera focuses on members of the crowd, they lip synch to the lyrics of the song. Occasionally the scene switches, to show Shiina performing the song with a band in a blue-lit warehouse. After Shiina gets up, she is shown riding a bicycle through town.


There are five known versions of Koufukuron to be found in Shiina Ringo's discography. These include:

Found on the Koufukuron single as #1. This is the version set to the PV.
Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen) (幸福論(悦楽編); Pleasure Version)
Found on the Muzai Moratorium album as track #4. This version is much more upbeat and features a stronger rock arrangement. Also, Shiina's vocals are put through a vocal filter in this version of the song.
Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen) (Gekokujyo Xstasy Live)
Found on the Gekokujyo Xstasy Live DVD as track #12.
Koufukuron (Etsuraku-hen) (Electric Mole Live)
Found on the Electric Mole DVD as track #1.
Koufukuron (Ringohan Taikai Live)
Found on the Dai Ikkai Ringohan Taikai no Moyou DVD as track #11.

Oricon Chart Positions (12cm Single)

Date Week Rank Week Sales Total Sales
1999.11.08 10 40,150 40,150
1999.11.15 16 24,870 65,020
1999.11.22 11 39,380 104,400
1999.11.29 17 24,370 128,770
1999.12.06 26 19,810 148,580
1999.12.13 24 15,760 164,340
1999.12.20 31 13,120 177,460
1999.12.27 33 9,220 186,680
2000.01.03 40 8,150 194,830
2000.01.10+17 33 16,150 210,980
2000.01.24 35 5,970 216,950
2000.01.31 46 4,260 221,210
2000.02.07 40 8,610 229,820
2000.02.14 64 4,180 234,000
2000.02.21 57 4,520 238,520
2000.02.28 69 3,210 241,730
2000.03.06 84 3,040 244,770
2000.03.13 70 3,180 247,950
2000.03.20 96 1,990 249,940
2000.03.27 75 2,580 252,520
2000.04.03 95 1,990 254,510
2000.04.10 79 2,380 256,890
2000.04.17 83 2,340 259,230
2000.04.24 88 1,860 261,090

Total Reported Sales: 261,090

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