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CD Art
Shiina Ringo
Zecchoushuu (絶頂集; The Acme Collection)
Catalog Number
Disc 1 - Gyakutai Glycogen (虐待グリコゲン; Abuse Glycogen)
  1. Yattsuke Shigoto (やっつけ仕事; Rush Job)
  2. Gamble (ギャンブル)
  3. Onaji Yoru (Jェチッ`じoTMウ; Ordinary Night)
Disc 2 - Tensai Praeparat (天才プレパラート; Genius Preparat)
  1. Mellow (メロウ)
  2. Fukou Jiman (不幸自慢; Unhappy Pride)
  3. So Cold (喪@CエNコ瑠ヲュWァ)
Disc 3 - Hatsuiku Status (発育ステータス; Growth Status)
  1. Fukurande Kichatta (膨らんできちゃった; It Expanded)
  2. Hai Hai (はいはい; Crawling)
  3. Kougousei (光合成; Photosynthesis)


"Zecchoushuu", is a three-disc single release by Shiina Ringo. Despite it being a collection of three singles in a box, it is classified as mini-album according to Oricon rules. Each disc is named after the band that performed with Shiina Ringo in the recordings. Discs one and three are live recordings, while disc two consists studio recordings. Zecchoushuu reached #1 on Oricon charts and charted for nine weeks. It sold 430,000 units in Japan.

Track three of Gyakutai Glikogen and track three of Tensai Praeparat are written strangely with random characters. However, according to the insert, the title is also known as '喪 興瑠怒 (ソー コールド)', which is a transliteration of 'So Cold', in English.

"Yattsuke Shigoto" was the lead promotional song for this collection, as it has its own PV. Despite the PV appearing to be a live performance, it was choreographed to look like a live performance, and used the audio from a live performance as its backing. "Yattsuke Shigoto" also appears in a remade studio form on the album Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana. The song "Onaji Yoru" that appears on this collection is a live version of the same song found on Muzai Moratorium.

The band Hatsuiku Status were also featured in a DVD of Shiina's, which was called Hatsuiku Status Gokiritsu Japon.

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