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Kuriyama Chiaki

Kuriyama Chiaki promoting "Toyosu☆Luciferin" (2013)

Kuriyama Chiaki (栗山千明) is a Japanese model, talent, actress, and singer. She started in the entertainment business at the age of 5, but it wasn't until 1995—at the age of 11—that Kuriyama branched out into the world of acting. She is managed by the entertainment office Space Craft and is signed with Sony Music Entertainment major sub-label DefSTAR Records. She is known around the world for her role as the character Gogo Yubari in Quentin Tarantino's 2003 film Kill Bill Vol.1.



Kuriyama Chiaki began her career as a young girl by modeling for magazines like nicola, but because she did not get any taller after reaching a certain age, Kuriyama turned to acting. She made her acting debut in 1995 with the movie Toilet no Hanako-san. When she was just thirteen (two years after Toilet no Hanako-san), a fully nude photobook of Kuriyama was released. It was photographed by Shinoyama Kishin and published by Shinchosa. However, she had been only eleven at the time of photography. This is now out of print due to juvenile pornography laws and the company's own decision.

Although she started to act since 1995, it wasn't until 2000's cult movie classic Battle Royale that Kuriyama began to get noticed. Because of her performance in the movie, Quentin Tarantino cast her as the role of Gogo Yubari in his 2003 film Kill Bill Vol.1. After this Kuriyama was recognized worldwide for her role as a 17-year-old Japanese schoolgirl with a passion for killing. After these hit movies, Kuriyama starred again in another hit movie, Kagen no Tsuki ~Last Quarter~, which was a live-action adaptation of Yazawa Ai's popular manga.

Kuriyama has come to be known as an actress representing Japan across the globe in many cases, such as becoming one of the four spokeswomen for cosmetics company Shiseido's product "MAQuillAGE". The other three are Ito Misaki, Ebihara Yuri, and Shinohara Ryoko. She also models for many companies and has become a prominent performer in both movies and TV.


Kuriyama Chiaki promoting "Ryuusei no Namida" (2010)
Kuriyama Chiaki promoting "Cold Finger Girl" (2011)



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  • [2004.10.17] radio-x
  • [2005.01.08] Nakayama Hideyuki no Aishite JAPAN~Kuriyama Chiaki-san ni Kiku "20-sai Mae, 20-sai Ato"
  • [2005.01.31 - 2005.02.04] SUNTORY THEATER ZERO―HOUR
  • [2005.10.xx - 2006.09.xx] SCHOOL OF LOCK! GIRLS LOCKS!
  • [2006] FM Theater: Ossan to Watashi
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  • [2007.04.xx - 2010.09.xx] SCHOOL OF LOCK! GIRL'S LOCKS FRIDAY
  • [2010] FM Theater: Call ~Yami Kara no Koe~



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Namaiki.jpg angels PB.jpg Shoujo Kan.jpg Eiga Battle Royale Shashinshuu.jpg Teens Site Daibouken.jpg SCHOOL OF LOCK! DAYS.jpg NINAGAWA WOMAN 2.jpg

  • [1996] Namaiki
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  • [2013] NINAGAWA WOMAN 2

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