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MiChi promoting "All I Know" (2014)

MiChi is a Japanese pop and electronic singer-songwriter under Sony Music Associated Records. Her debut in the music business was with the English language album MiChi MadNesS, which entered the Oricon weekly albums chart, peaking at #148. Later in 2008, she made her major debut under Sony Music Entertainment, with single "PROMiSE", peaking at number 12 on the Oricon weekly charts.



MiChi promoting "LOVE is. e.p" (2010)
MiChi promoting "Find Your Way" (2011)
MiChi promoting "TOKYO NIGHT" (2012)
MiChi promoting "EYES WIDE OPEN" (2013)

MiChi was born in England in 1985 and moved to Kobe, Japan at 2 years of age before returning to England in 1995. Determined to be a singer she performed in an acoustic duo before returning to Japan (Tokyo) when she was 18. The following year she met Matsuzawa Tomokazu producer for acts Nakashima Mika, Kato Miliyah, SOULHEAD and CHEMISTRY. The pair worked together for three years developing her talent before MiChi entered Japan's dance club scene.

In 2007, she released the track "Surrender" on DJ KAWASAKI's album FREEDOM HOUSE MODE COLLECTION which was followed a year later with her independent album MiChi MadNesS. The album saw chart topping dance hits and a long chart life.

In October 2008 she releases her Japanese single debut "PROMiSE" under Sony Music Entertainment label.


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