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Mizuno Yoshiki

Mizuno Yoshiki promoting "Identity" (2019)

Mizuno Yoshiki is the guitarist and leader of the Japanese pop band Ikimonogakari. He also provides vocals in a few songs. He is in charge of the song writing along with Yamashita Hotaka, and usually writes the single's A-sides.


  • Name: Mizuno Yoshiki (水野良樹)
  • Nicknames: Yocchan, Yoshiki, Leader
  • Birthdate: December 17, 1982 (1982-12-17) (age 39)
  • Birthplace: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 168cm


  • He was classmates with Yamashita Hotaka and Yoshioka Kiyoe's brother.
  • He can take up to thirty days to write a song while Yamashita takes only thirty minutes.
  • He is a baseball fan, and his favorite team is the Yomiuri Giants.
  • He can also play the piano.

Songwriting Credits

Aoi Eir

  • Ima (Lyrics, Music)


Kamishiraishi Mone

Little Glee Monster

Suzuki Airi

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