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Mr.Children Tour Popsaurus 2012

DVD Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Mr.Children TOUR POPSAURUS 2012
Catalog Number
TFBQ-18133 (DVD)
TFXQ-78107 (Blu-ray)
¥6,300 (DVD)
¥7,300 (Blu-ray)
  • Disc 1
  2. Esora (エソラ)
  3. Houkiboshi (箒星; Comet)
  4. youthful days
  5. LOVE
  6. GIFT
  7. Everything (It's you)
  8. <MC>
  9. Derumo (デルモ)
  10. End of the day
  11. Owarinaki Tabi (終わりなき旅; Endless Journey)
  12. Dance Dance Dance
  13. Nishi e Higashi e (ニシエヒガシエ; To the West, To the East)
  14. Fake (フェイク)
  15. <SE>
  16. 365-nichi (365日; 356 Days)
  17. Shirushi (しるし; Symbol)
  18. <MC>
  19. Kurumi (くるみ; Walnut)
  20. Sign
  21. <MC>
  22. 1999-nen, Natsu, Okinawa (1999 年, 夏, 沖縄; Year 1999, Summer, Okinawa)
  • Disc 2
  1. Rock n' Roll wa Ikiteiru (ロックンロールは生きている; Rock'n'Roll Lives)
  2. Round About ~Kodoku no Shouzou~ (Round About ~孤独の肖像~)
  3. Worlds end
  4. fanfare
  5. innocent world
  6. <ENCORE>
  7. Lalala (ラララ)
  8. Irodori (彩り)
  9. Hikari no Sasu Hou e (光の射す方へ; In the Direction of the Light)
  10. overture ~ Sosei (蘇生; Resurrection)
  11. Inori ~Namida no Kidou (祈り ~ 涙の軌道; Prayer ~ Orbit of Tears)
  12. END ROLL
  13. BONUS
    1. GIFT (2012.4.29 / Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome)
    2. Owarinaki Tabi (2012.4.22 / Saitama Seibu Dome) (終わりなき旅)
    3. innocent world (2012.5.25 / Tokyo Dome)
    4. Tokyo (2012.5.23 / Tokyo Dome) (東京)
    5. Simple (2012.6.6 / Nagoya Dome)


Mr.Children TOUR POPSAURUS 2012 is the fifteenth DVD and third Blu-ray released by Mr.Children. It features Mr.Children's concert held at Kyocera Dome in Osaka on May 10th, 2012. It also includes a talk about their 20th ANNIVERSARY & Selected Live from POPSAURUS 2012.

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