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Regress or Progress '96-'97 In Tokyo Dome

From generasia
VHS / DVD Cover
regress or progress '96~'97 IN TOKYO DOME
1997.10.08 (VHS)
2001.06.21 (DVD )
Catalog Number
TFVQ-68029 (VHS)
TFBQ-18010 (DVD)
¥ (VHS)
¥5,880 (DVD)
  2. Tabibito (旅人; Traveler)
  3. Love Connection (ラヴコネクション)
  4. Kasa no Shita no Kimi ni Tsugu (傘の下の君に告ぐ)
  5. Round About ~Kodoku no Shouzou~ (Round About ~孤独の肖像~)
  6. Dance Dance Dance
  7. Dakishimetai (抱きしめたい; Hold Me Tight)
  8. Talk
  9. my life
  10. Dive
  11. Coelacanth (シーラカンス)
  12. Tegami (手紙; Letter)
  13. Arifureta Love Story ~Danjo Mondai wa Itsumo Mendou da~ (ありふれたLove Story ~男女問題はいつも面倒だ~)
  14. Mirror
  15. Making Songs
  16. Namonaki Uta (名もなき詩; Nameless Song)
  17. So Let's Get Truth
  18. Rinji News (臨時ニュース)
  19. Machine Gun wo Buppanase (マシンガンをぶっ放せ)
  20. Yurikago no Aru Oka Kara (ゆりかごのある丘から)
  21. Toriko (虜)
  22. Hana -Memento-Mori- (花 -Memento-Mori-; Flower)
  23. Shinkai (深海)
  24. Brandnew my lover
  25. Time Machine ni Notte (タイムマシーンに乗って)
  26. everybody goes -Chitsujo no Nai Gendai ni Drop-Kick- (everybody goes -秩序のない現代にドロップキック-)
  27. ALIVE
  28. Everything (It's you)
  29. Bolero (ボレロ)


regress or progress '96~'97 IN TOKYO DOME is the fourth VHS and first DVD released by Mr.Children. The DVD reached #12 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 4 weeks.

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