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Murakami Megumi

June 2006
June 2005
November 2002

Murakami Megumi is a former member of the Hello! Project group °C-ute. On October 31, 2006, she had resigned from the group and H!P without a graduation ceremony to focus on her studies. In 2011, she signed to the dance agency, WANTS.



Murakami Megumi was one of the Hello! Project Kids and member of °C-ute. She was a member of ZYX and was featured in Goto Maki's Yokohama Shinkirou PV. She was also one of the only two Hello! Project Kids featured in the 2005 summer shuffles in the group Sexy Otonajan. On 2006-10-31 she retired from °C-ute and Hello! Project to return to ordinary school life.

In 2011, she returned to show business by signing to WANTS, a dance agency.


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