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Ningyou Enzetsu -2004.9.11 Liquid Room Ebisu-

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DVD Cover
Ningyou Enzetsu -2004.9.11 LIQUID ROOM ebisu- (人形演説; Speaking Doll)
Catalog Number
  1. 「Ningyou」「Heroine」 (「人形」~「ヒロイン」; Doll)
  2. Heiwa no Utai (平和ノ謡; Chant of Peace)
  3. Ningyo (人魚; Mermaid)
  4. Kichigai TV (人間界TV; Human World TV)
  5. Boku, Shimobe. (僕、僕。; I, Servant.)
  6. Shasei Sankai Narcolepsy (射精3回ナルコレプシー; Three Ejaculations Narcolepsy)
  7. Mayura↑↓Pisaroto (マユラ↑↓ピサロト)
  8. Route「U」
  9. 「F」Stein to「M」


"Ningyou Enzetsu -2004.9.11 LIQUID ROOM ebisu-" is the third live DVD and fourth overall DVD released by Vidoll. This was filmed on September 11th, 2004 at LIQUID ROOM ebisu at the "Ningyou Enzetsu" one-man concert tour finale. During this live advanced live-only editions of their mini-album Romanesque Gothic and the second pressing of the single "Wagahai wa, Korosuke Nari..." were sold. This was also released on the same day as the second pressing of the mini-album Romanesque Gothic. The DVD reached #145 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for a week.

Tour Schedule

Date Venue
2004.06.26 Harajuku ASTRO HALL
2004.06.27 Harajuku ASTRO HALL
2004.07.02 Nagoya HEARTLAND
2004.07.04 Hakata DRUM SON
2004.07.06 Hiroshima NAMIKI JUNCTION
2004.07.07 Esaka BOOMIN HALL
2004.07.10 Sapporo MESSE HALL
2004.07.11 Sapporo MESSE HALL
2004.07.13 Sendai HOOK
2004.09.11 LIQUID ROOM ebisu

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