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Tokyo Mime 2008.12.19 C.C.Lemon Hall

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DVD Cover
Tokyo Mime 2008.12.19 C.C.Lemon Hall (東京舞夢; Tokyo Dancing Dream)
Catalog Number
  1. Doll's bar "V.I.D"
  2. Lost voice
  3. Mime (舞夢~マイム~; Dancing Dream)
  4. Olivia (オリビア)
  5. Toumei na Kago (透明ナカゴ; Transparent Cage)
  6. Count down since 911
  7. Togaru Ai (尖る愛; Sharp Love)
  8. Hitorikiri no Chrxxs (一人斬りのクリ××ス; A People Slayer's Christmas)
  9. Hiiragi no Sou (柊の葬; Burial of the Holly)
  10. Merry X'mas 2u
  11. At age 13
  12. Blue star
  13. Rope (ロープ)
  14. Karakuri Romance (カラクリロマンス; A Contrivance Romance)
  15. Ningyo (人魚; Mermaid)
  16. Chocoripeyes
  17. Maid sang ~Maid-san~ (~メイドさん~; Miss Maid)
    Encore 1
  18. ...-san ga Koronda!! (...サンガコロンダ!!; ...-san Fell Down!!)
  19. Wagahai wa, Korosuke Nari... (我輩ハ、殺女成リ...; I, Become a Woman Killer)
    Encore 2
  20. Last Lovers (ラストラバーズ)
  21. Tree


"Tokyo Mime 2008.12.19 C.C.Lemon Hall" is the 13th live DVD and 16th overall DVD released by Vidoll. It was available only through Vidoll's online retail shop through SWORD-RECORDS. Early reservations were taken in from January to March of 2009 and were shipped in May. This was filmed on December 19th, 2008 at Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall at the "Last Indies One-man Live Tokyo Mime" concert. It was held to support their last indies single "Mime", and was their last live as an indies band before signing with CROWN RECORDS and becoming major.

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