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RUAN promoting DELICIOUS POISON (2023)

RUAN is a Japanese singer-songwriter. She made her domestic debut in 2015 and her Korean pop debut in 2019. She is a member of the Japanese pop girl group MOONCHILD.


  • Stage Name: RUAN, RUANN
  • Birth Name: Ohyama Ruan (大山琉杏)
  • Birthdate: July 21, 2003 (2003-07-21) (age 19)
  • Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight: 47kg
  • Hobbies: Aligning the entire surface of the Rubik's Cube
  • Groups:
  • Label:


From a young age, RUANN was interested in music and taught herself instruments such as acoustic guitar and piano. She also taught herself Korean and English through learning apps. RUANN's exposure to the entertainment industry began in 2013 when she appeared on Kanjani no Shiwake 8, where she covered Lady Gaga's "Telephone". In 2015, she was chosen to sing the theme song, "TETOTE", penned by Yuzu member Kitagawa Yujin, for the kabuki adaptation of the manga One Piece, Super Kabuki II: One Piece. RUANN began to upload videos on social media of covers and busking performances. A cover performance of hers was seen by Taka of the band ONE OK ROCK, who then asked her to perform their song "Wherever You Are" as a special guest during their 2017 Ambitions tour. That summer, she released her first mini-album Spice 13 Acoustic EP under her full name Ohyama Ruan.

Her first release as RUANN was the digital single "GET THE GLORY", released in January 2018 to promote Cygames, followed by "I AM STANDING", a song used as the ending theme song for the anime Sangatsu no Lion. In August, RUANN announced her major label debut through TOY'S FACTORY. Her major debut single "There's No Ending" was used as the theme song for the film Anemone: Koukyoushihen Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution. The single was her most successful release to date and her first release to chart on a Billboard Japan sub-chart.

In March 2019, RUANN's official website announced that she was taking a hiatus due to poor health. In June, she tweeted that her contract with TOY'S FACTORY had ended, and in July she announced that she would make her debut in Korea with the song "BEEP BEEP", which was released simultaneously in Japan and Korea. Korean production team Black Eyed Pilseung produced the song, while the music video featured a routine produced by 1MILLION Dance Studio choreographer Lia Kim.

In April 2020, RUANN announced on her official website that her new digital album would not be released that month due to trademark registration trouble and the coronavirus pandemic.

Japanese Discography

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Digital Singles

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Digital Singles



Year Title Network Role Notes
RR Kana/Kanji
2022 iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~ TV Tokyo Contestant Survival show between LDH and HYBE LABELS JAPAN

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