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RYO-Z promoting JOURNEY (2009)

RYO-Z is one of the founding member of the group RIP SLYME. Though there is no official leader, he is always considered the leader for his role as the all-round man.




RYO-Z is seen as the most driven of the group, being the founding member along with ILMARI who both shared the same love of music since their childhood years. He is as well considered the largest member of the group, along with his personality as a joker. However along with SU, he creates one of the most charismatic performances cementing his role as the lead MC. His home was a drapery store (now closed) and in primary & middle school he was ILMARI's senior, where they forged their relationship.


Short for Oshare Track Factory, O.T.F. was made with fellow group mate FUMIYA who had composed most of RIP SLYME's songs. This group, made in 2003 produced the popular group HALCALI. RYO-Z's main role in O.T.F. is to write lyrics in which he is unable to use in RIP SLYME.


In 2005, Ryo-Z, along with group member ILMARI joined NIGO, WISE & VERBAL to create TERIYAKI BOYZ. They released their album BEEF or CHICKEN in November of 2005. In 2006 the band was also featured in the Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift soundtrack.