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WISE is a hip-hop MC, most widely known as a member of the popular TERIYAKI BOYZ supergroup, and also for debuting as a solo artist in early 2007 with the single "SHINE LIKE A STAR". WISE is also known for being in the hip-hop duo WISE 'n' SONPUB that released the album DAKID in 2005.


  • Stage Name: WISE
  • Real Name: Kameyama Seiji (亀山晴児)
  • Birthday: August 10, 1979 (1979-08-10) (age 40)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Ethnicity: Half Japanese (father), Half Irish-American (mother)


WISE, due to his multi-cultural background, spent time in both Japan and America. He first lived in Japan and attended an international school for junior high school. Later, he went to America for high school. In 1996, Wise first started rapping. In 1997, Wise meet with several people in Boston who later formed the 'genre borderless crew' group Kaze no Hito (a network which helps in producing music, graphics, skating activities, etc.), in which he would belong. On his return to Japan in 1998, he started work in several bands under Kaze no Hito ("JamAinu" in 1999 and "W-A-K" in 2002). Furthermore, Wise would start performing live in RIP SLYME concerts in 2003.

In 2004, Wise first started activities as part of the MC supergroup TERIYAKI BOYZ. He was invited to join the group by ILMARI, who was originally a senior at his junior high school. However, after the release of the song KAMIKAZE 108 on the (B)APE SOUNDS compilation in February 2004, the band remained inactive until the release of their debut album BEEF or CHICKEN in November 2005. In the meantime, Wise teamed up with hip-hop producer SONPUB to form the duo WISE 'n' SONPUB and released a single album DAKID on 2005.08.10. Wise had already collaborated with SONPUB on his album Phoenix Beatss which was released in 2004.

Wise, in turn, became a solo artist in 2007. His debut solo single, Shine like a star, debuted at #25 on Oricon single charts. A second single, called Thinking of you, was released on May the 23th in 2007.

When WISE appeared on J-MELO he revealed that he got his stage name from the word "sage" (pronounced the same as the nickname that his mother would call him) meaning "wise man".


WISE promoting LOVE QUEST (2009)


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