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The Nimaime

Album Cover
Melon Kinenbi
THE Ninaime (THE 二枚目; THE Actor in a Love Scene)
Catalog Number
CD Tracklist
  1. Champagne no Koi (シャンパンの恋; The Love of Champagne)
  2. Namida no Taiyou (涙の太陽; The Sun of Tears)
  3. Setsunasa Ranking (刹那さ Ranking; Instant Ranking)
  4. Chance of LOVE (チャンス of LOVE)
  5. Kirai, Suki Suki Suki Honto, Uso Uso Uso (キライ, スキスキスキ ホント, ウソウソウソ)
  6. Kawaii Kare (かわいい彼; Cute Boyfriend)
  7. Lemon Tart (レモンタルト)
  8. MI DA RA Matenrou (MI DA RA 摩天楼; Improper Skyscraper)
  9. Aishite wa Ikenai... (愛してはいけない・・・)
  10. Last Scene (ラストシーン)
  11. Doryoku Kei Bijin (努力・系・美人)
  12. THE Ninaime ~ON MY WAY~ (THE 二枚目〜ON MY WAY〜)


THE Ninaime is Melon Kinenbi's second album. The album reached #29 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for two weeks. It sold 10,182 copies in its first week and 12,254 overall.

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