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Melon Kinenbi Nippon Seinen kan Kouen '2005 Revue & Concert 'Murata san, Gokii'

DVD Cover

Melon Kinenbi Nippon Seinen kan Kouen '2005 Revue&Concert「Murata san,Gokii?」 (メロン記念日 日本青年館公演 '2005 レビュー&コンサート「むらたさ~ん、ごきっ?」) is a revue and concert DVD featuring Melon Kinenbi and Abe Natsumi. It was released on 2005-06-02 with catalog number TGBS-1429.
However, this DVD was released and sold only to members of the Hello! Project Fan Club. The DVD was recorded on Melon Kinenbi's fifth anniverary of their debut, on February 19th, 2005.


  • Melon Kinenbi (メロン記念日):
Saito Hitomi (斉藤瞳) - Hitomin
Shibata Ayumi (柴田あゆみ) - Ayumi
Ohtani Masae (大谷雅恵) - Masae
Murata Megumi (村田めぐみ) - Murata san
  • Abe Natsumi (安倍なつみ) - Natsumin

Track list

  • Revue part.
Story of 「Murata san,Gokii?」
The girls who go to a certain dance school.
Natsumin , Hitomin , Ayumi , Masae and Murata san.
The dream of five people of "Being spotlighted sometime on Big stage"
Natsumin is going to gather them up as leader at team, but their mind do not unite into one.
One day "Dance Battle" which competed by a team in a school was planned.
One team which can participate in a representative of "World Dance Grand Prix" Japan selection meeting from this school is chosen!
Do they show the best performance as expected?
Girls... aiming at "Top" any worlds any times...
The story's to continue "Watashi Ga Obasan Ni Nattemo" (Till I become an aunt)...
  • Concert part.
  1. Opening ~Melon Kinenbi no Theme~ (OPENING~メロン記念日のテーマ~)
  2. Kousui (香水)
  3. Saa! Koibito ni Narou (さあ! 恋人になろう)
  4. Chance of LOVE (チャンス of LOVE)
  5. MC-1
  6. Nikutai wa Shoujiki na EROS (肉体は正直なEROS)
  7. Magic of Love
  8. Champagne no Koi (シャンパンの恋)
  9. The Nimaime ~On My Way~ (THE 二枚目 ~ON MY WAY~)
  10. MC-2
  11. Solo medley (ソロメドレー)
Amai Anata no Aji (甘いあなたの味) - Saito Hitomi
Ai Meramera Koi Yurayura (愛メラメラ 恋ユラユラ) - Ohtani Masae
Kokuhaku Kinenbi (告白記念日) - Murata Megumi
Denwa Matteimasu (電話待っています) - Shibata Ayumi
  1. MC-3
  2. Saa, Sassoku Moriagete Iko ka~!! (さぁ、早速盛り上げて 行こか~!!)
  3. Akai Freesia (赤いフリージア)

  6. MC-4
  7. Skip! (スキップ!) - Melon Kinenbi and Abe Natsumi

"Magic of Love" changed into "Shiroi Tokyo" occasionally.

Concert venue

  • 2005-02-17 ~ 20 Tokyo / Nippon Seinen kan (Filming on the 19th)

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