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Elastic Girl

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Album Cover
Kahimi Karie
Kahimi Karie, Bryan Burton-Lewis
Oyamada Keigo
Other Information
Arrangement: Oyamada Keigo
Guitars: Aida Shigekazu [1]


"ELASTIC GIRL" is a Shibuya-Kei song recorded by Kahimi Karie, and written and produced by Oyamada Keigo. It first was used as a radio single for Kahimi's debut EP MY FIRST KARIE and received a music video. It is her initial release with Oyamada's Trattoria Records. It was later used on Kahimi's first compilation album THE BEST OF TRATTORIA plus MORE (along with the US release Kahimi Karie). The song features musician Aida Shigekazu on guitar; Aida would go on to be a popular rock producer in the late 2000s working with artists such as BONNIE PINK and Kimura Kaela.

The song "ELASTIC GIRL" was later referenced in the Momus penned hit single "GOOD MORNING WORLD". The song and even more so the lyrics from "GOOD MORNING WORLD" "How I Wrote Elastic Girl" is a reference to the song "How I Wrote Elastic Man" by the British band The Fall.


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