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Get Out of Your Lazy Bed

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Single Cover
Kahimi Karie
Danny White, Mark Reilly
Danny White, Mark Reilly
Other Information
Bass: Hideki Kaji
Drums: Yasunobu Arakawa
Guitar: Nobuyuki Ohhashi
Organ: Mari Sasaki
Saxophone: Keisuke Saito
Violin: Takahisa Kurosawa

"GET OUT OF YOUR LAZY BED" is a Shibuya-Kei song record by Kahimi Karie. It is a cover of the 1984 debut single by the UK band Matt Bianco. The song was recorded for Kahimi's solo debut single "Mike Alway's Diary" named after Kahimi's friend and head of the El Records Mike Always. There are only two versions of the song and they are only found on this single. The original version is featured as track #3 on the CD edition of "Mike Alway's Diary", while the "Analogue Mix" was used as track #2 on the 7 inch vinyl edition.

It features Hideki Kaji on bass guitar, who would go on to become a popular Shibuya-Kei singer-songwriter with Kahimi on Trattoria.

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