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Sakura Sake

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Limited Edition
Regular Edition
Sakura Sake (サクラ咲ケ)
Catalog Number
JACA-5021 (Limited)
JACA-5022 (Regular)
¥1,680 (Limited)
¥1,050 (Regular)
Limited Edition Tracklist
  1. Sakura Sake (サクラ咲ケ)
  2. Te Tsunagoo (手つなごぉ)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Sakura Sake (サクラ咲ケ) (PV)
Regular Edition Tracklist
  1. Sakura Sake (サクラ咲ケ)
  2. Te Tsunagoo (手つなごぉ)
  3. Sakura Sake (Original Karaoke) (サクラ咲ケ)
  4. Te Tsunagoo (Original Karaoke) (手つなごぉ)


"Sakura Sake" is ARASHI's 14th single. The title track was used as the Shirominami Prep School CM song. It was released in two editions; a limited edition with a DVD and a regular CD only edition with karaoke tracks. This single reached #1 on weekly Oricon charts and sold 172,737 units in it's first week. It has sold a total of 173,882 copies, becoming the #55 single of 2005.

Song Information

Aida Takeshi
Tanimoto Shin
Other Information
Arrangement: Ishizuka Tomoki
Rap Lyrics: Sakurai Sho

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