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"Love Is Born" ~3rd Anniversary 2006~ at Hibiya-Yagai Ongaku-Do on 9th of September 2006

Video Cover
Otsuka Ai
"LOVE IS BORN" ~3rd Anniversary 2006~at Hibiya-Yagai Ongaku-Do on 9th of September 2006~
Catalog Number
  1. Yumekui (ユメクイ; Dream Eater)
  2. GIRLY
  3. Ame Iro Parasol (雨色パラソル; Rain Colored Parasol)
  4. Himawari (向日葵; Sunflowers)
  5. Momo no Hanabira (桃ノ花ビラ; Peach Petals)
  6. Kaerimichi (帰り道; The Way Home)
  7. Birthday Song
  8. Haneari Tamago (羽ありたまご; Winged Egg)
  9. Amaenbo (甘えんぼ; Spoiled Child)
  10. Planetarium (プラネタリウム)
  11. Kingyo Hanabi (金魚花火; Goldfish Fireworks)
  12. Daisuki da yo. (大好きだよ.; I Like You.)
  13. SMILY
  14. pretty voice
  15. Happy Days
  16. Kataomoi Dial (片想いダイヤル; Unrequited Love Dial)
  17. Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ; Cherries)
  18. Ren'ai Shashin (恋愛写真; Photo of Love)
  19. Neko ni Fuusen (ネコに風船; A Cat with a Balloon)
  20. LOVE MUSiC


"LOVE IS BORN" ~3rd Anniversary 2006〜at Hibiya-Yagai Ongaku-Do on 9th of September 2006~ is the third concert DVD released by Otsuka Ai. It reached #6 on the weekly Oricon chart, and it continued to rank for a total of 28 weeks. The concert is the #13 best selling DVD released in 2007.

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