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Ai Otsuka Live Box 2015 ~Tricky Bornbon~

DVD Cover
Blu-ray Cover
Otsuka Ai
ai otsuka LIVE BOX 2015 ~TRiCKY BORNBON~
Catalog Number
AVBD-92288-9 (DVD)
AVXD-92290-1 (Blu-ray)
¥8,424 (DVD)
¥9,504 (Blu-ray)
Tracklist LOVE TRiCKY LIVE TOUR 2015 (DISC 1)
  1. I'm lonely
  2. Parallel World (パラレルワールド)
  3. SMILY
  4. Yumekui (ユメクイ)
  5. busy lady
  6. shooting star
  7. laugh
  8. affair
  9. Hane Ari Tamago -Espresso- (羽ありたまご―エスプレッソ― )
  10. reach for the moon
  12. summer lovely days
  13. Fufufu (フフフ)
  14. Is
  15. Ramen 3min Cooking (ラーメン3分クッキング )
  16. 5:09a.m. -Tonic- (5:09a.m.ートニックー )
  17. Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ)
  18. Mirai Taxi (未来タクシー)
  19. Time Machine (タイムマシーン)
  20. end and and~10,000 hearts~
Tracklist LOVE IS BORN ~12th Anniversary 2015~ (DISC 2)
  1. Zokkondition (ゾッ婚ディション)
  2. More More (モアモア)
  3. Mackerel’s canned food
  4. Creamy & Spicy
  5. Bye Bye (バイバイ)
  6. Hanjukutamago (半熟たまご)
  7. drop.
  8. GIRLY
  9. Kumuriuta (クムリウタ)
  10. Kimi Fechi (君フェチ)
  11. Shachihata (シヤチハタ )
  12. Kuroge Wagyuu Joshio Tanyaki 680 Yen (黒毛和牛上塩タン焼680円)
  14. Ponpon (ポンポン)
  15. Tsukune 70 Yen (つくね70円)
  16. Happy Days
  17. Rocket Sneaker (ロケットスニーカー)
  18. Sakuranbo (さくらんぼ)
  19. Birthday Song
  20. Hibi, Ikite Ireba (日々、生きていれば)
  21. Momo no Hanabira (桃ノ花ビラ)
  22. Neko ni Fuusen (ネコに風船)


ai otsuka LIVE BOX 2015 ~TRiCKY BORNBON~ is the 15th concert video released by Otsuka Ai. It contains footage from her small live house tour in support to LOVE TRiCKY album and her annual LOVE IS BORN concert held at the Hibiya Yagai Ongakudo in Tokyo. The DVD reached #37 on the weekly Oricon chart, and the blu-ray edition reached #46 on the weekly chart.

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