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B'z the "Mixture"

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Album Cover
B'z The "Mixture"
Catalog Number
  1. Dakara Sono Te wo Hanashite -Mixture style- (だからその手を離して; So Let Go of That Hand)
  2. YOU&I -Mixture mix-
  3. OH! GIRL -Mixture style-
  4. NEVER LET YOU GO -Mixture style-
  5. JOY -Mixture mix-
  6. Ima dewa...Ima nara...Ima mo... -Mixture style- (今では…今なら…今も…)
  7. Kodoku no Runaway -Mixture style- (孤独のRunaway)
  8. MOVE
  9. Tokyo -Mixture mix- (東京)
  10. hole in my heart -Mixture mix-
  11. KARA KARA -Mixture mix-
  12. FUSHIDARA 100%
  13. Biri Biri -Mixture mix- (ビリビリ)
  14. Hi
  15. The Wild Wind
  16. Anata Nara Kamawanai (あなたならかまわない)


B'z The "Mixture" is the first self-cover album released by B'z. The album won the Rock Album of the Year award at the 15th Annual Japan Golden Disc Awards. It reached #1 on the weekly Oricon chart. The album also reached #8 for the yearly Oricon chart for 2000. It sold 1,101,440 copies in it's first week, charted for 15 weeks and sold 1,499,810 copies in total.

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