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Folk Songs

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Ichii Sayaka with Nakazawa Yuko
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  1. Kono Hiroi Nohara Ippai (この広い野原いっぱい; This Full, Large Field) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Moriyama Ryouko)
  2. Koibito mo Inai no ni (恋人もいないのに; Though There Isn't Also a Lover) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Simmons)
  3. Aki Demo Nai no ni (秋でもないのに; Though It Isn't Autumn) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Honda Rutsuko)
  4. Ano Hi ni Kaeritai (あの日にかえりたい; I Want to Return That Day) - Ichii Sayaka (Original: Arai Yumi)
  5. Matsu wa (待つわ; I Wait) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Aming)
  6. Hana to Ojiisan (花と小父さん; Flowers and an Old Man) - Ichii Sayaka, Sugita Jiro (Original: Ito Kiyoko)
  7. Furusato (ふるさと; Hometown) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Morning Musume)
  8. Kamome wa Kamome (かもめはかもめ; A Gull's a Gull) - Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Ken Naoko)
  9. Aru Hi Totsuzen (在る日突然; There Will Suddenly Be a Day) - Ichii Sayaka, Bamba Hirofumi (Original: Toi et Moi)
  10. Shuushifu (しゅうしふ; Period) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko, Horiuchi Takao (Original: Alice)
  11. Nagoriyuki (なごり雪; Traces of Snow) - Ichii Sayaka (Original: Iruka)
  12. Toki ni wa Haha no Nai Ko no You ni (時には母のない子のように; Sometimes I Feel Like a Child Without a Mother) - Nakazawa Yuko; original artist: Carmen Maki
  13. Aa~ Yokatta (あ~よかった; Ah, That's Nice) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Hana*Hana)
  14. Shiroi Iro wa Koibito no Iro (白い色は恋人の色; White Is My Lover's Color) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Betsy & Chris)
  15. Salvia no Hana (サルビアの花; Salvia Flowers) - Ichii Sayaka (Original: Motomaro)
  16. Tsubasa wo Kudasai (翼をください; Give Me Wings) - Ichii Sayaka, Nakazawa Yuko (Original: Akai Tori)


FOLK SONGS is the first album in the Folk Songs series. It is a cover album of various pieces of Japanese folk music. The album features former Morning Musume members Nakazawa Yuko and Ichii Sayaka. The latter had graduated from Hello! Project more than a year previous to the release of this album.

A related concert DVD, FOLK DAYS Ichii Sayaka with Nakazawa Yuko, was released three months later.

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