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Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live 2018 at Nippon Budokan

Blu-ray Cover
DVD Cover
Blu-ray / DVD
Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018 at Nippon Budokan (Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018 at 日本武道館)
Catalog Number
VVXL-17 (Blu-ray)
VVBL-115/6 (DVD)
  1. ring your bell (in the silence)
  2. ring your bell
  3. Mirai (未来; Future)
  4. ~MC 1~
  5. lirica
  6. Manten (満天; Boundless Sky)
  7. Yane no Mukou ni (屋根の向こうに; On the Other Side of the Roof)
  8. Hikari no Senritsu (光の旋律; Melody of Light)
  9. storia
  10. Natsu no Ringo (夏の林檎; Summer Apple)
  11. serenato
  12. ARIA
  13. sprinter
  14. ~MC 2~
  15. oblivious
  16. Kizuato (傷跡; Scars)
  17. Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku (君が光に変えて行く; You Go and Turn It into Light)
  18. Kantankatan (カンタンカタン; Click Clack)
  19. symphonia
  20. ~MC 3~
  21. red moon
  22. adore
  23. to the beginning
  24. progressive
  25. Ongaku (音楽; Music)
  26. heavenly blue
  27. ~MC 4~
  28. into the world
  29. Kimi no Gin no Niwa Accordion Solo ~ nightmare ballet
  30. Hikari Furu (ひかりふる; Light Falls)
  31. Hyakka Ryouran (百火撩乱; Riot of a Thousand Flames)
  32. ~MC 5~
  33. Alleluia (アレルヤ; Hallelujah)
  34. End Roll


Kalafina 10th Anniversary LIVE 2018 at Nippon Budokan is Kalafina's tenth video release. The setlist was chosen entirely by fans through the group's official fanclub.

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