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Love Cycle

2CD+DVD Cover
CD Cover
FC Edition Cover
Catalog Number
AKCO-90079~80/B (2CD+DVD)
AKCO-90081 (CD)
AKC1-90082~3/B (FC Edition)
¥5,200 (FC Edition)
¥4,950 (2CD+DVD)
¥3,300 (CD)
CD Tracklist
Disc 1
  1. Motto Ii Hi ni (もっといい日に; On a Better Day)
  2. Kinmokusei (キンモクセイ; Osmanthus)
  3. Blue Moon
  4. Victim of Love feat. Taka
  5. Kibou no Yuragi (希望のゆらぎ; Fluctuation of Hope)
  6. Michishirube (道しるべ; Guidepost)
  7. Negaiboshi (ねがいぼし; Wishing Star) (ayaka & Miura Daichi)
  8. Xmas Santa
  9. Tender Love
  10. Hyaku-nen Toiro (百年十色; One Hundred Years and Ten Colors)
  11. Love for everyone and more...
Disc 2
  1. I believe -Room session-
  2. Nijiiro -Room session- (にじいろ)
  3. THIS IS THE TIME -Room session-
  4. Blue Moon -Room session-
  5. Motto Ii Hi ni -Room session- (もっといい日に)
  6. Okaeri -Room session- (おかえり)
  7. Kinmokusei at church -Room session- (キンモクセイat church)
  8. Tsuyoku Omou -Room session- (ツヨク想う)
  9. Ai Kotoba -Room session- (あいことば)
  10. Mikazuki -Room session- (三日月)
DVD Tracklist
  1. "Motto Ii Hi ni" Lyric Video
  2. "Kinmokusei" Music Video
  3. "Blue Moon" Lyric Video
  4. "Negaiboshi" Music Video
  5. "Xmas Santa" Lyric Video
  6. "Kinmokusei at church -Room session-"
  7. "Blue Moon -Room session-"
  8. Making Video - Room session


LOVE CYCLE is the sixth studio album released by ayaka and fourth under her own independent label, A stAtion. It was released in three versions: a 2CD+DVD edition, a CD edition, and a limited 2CD+DVD+Goods Fan Club edition.

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