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Shiranai Kimochi / Bitter Sweet Harmony

Kakuriyo Edition Cover
Sunohara Edition Cover
Nakajima Megumi
Shiranai Kimochi / Bitter Sweet Harmony
Catalog Number
VTCL-35284 (Kakuriyo Edition)
VTCL-35285 (Sunohara Edition)
  • Kakuriyo Edition
  1. Shiranai Kimochi (知らない気持ち)
  2. Bitter Sweet Harmony
  3. Polaris (ポラリス)
  4. Shiranai Kimochi (Instrumental)
  5. Bitter Sweet Harmony (Instrumental)
  6. Polaris (Instrumental)
  • Sunohara Edition
  1. Bitter Sweet Harmony
  2. Shiranai Kimochi (知らない気持ち)
  3. Kanashimi to Tomo ni (悲しみと共に)
  4. Bitter Sweet Harmony (Instrumental)
  5. Shiranai Kimochi (Instrumental)
  6. Kanashimi to Tomo ni (Instrumental)


"Shiranai Kimochi / Bitter Sweet Harmony" is the 12th single released by Nakajima Megumi. It was released in two versions: a Kakuriyo CD edition and a Sunohara CD edition. "Shiranai Kimochi" was used as the ending theme for the anime Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi, while "Bitter Sweet Harmony" was used as the opening theme for the anime Sunoharasou no Kanri'nin-san.

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