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Suite Room Number 1

CD Cover
Suite Room Number 1 (スイートルームナンバー1)
Release date
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CD track listing
  1. Check-in (チェックイン)
  2. Kacchoii ze! JAPAN (カッチョイイゼ! JAPAN; Very Cool! Japan)
  3. Ai ~Suite Room~ (愛 ~スイートルーム~; Love ~Suite Room~)
  4. Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari (紫陽花アイ愛物語; Hydrangea Love Story)
  5. Koi no Nukegara (恋のヌケガラ; A Cast-off of Love)
  6. Tea Break
  7. Hitorijime (ひとりじめ; All to Myself)
  8. Kurakura Dinner Time (クラクラ ディナータイム; Giddy Dinner Time)
  9. Kurenai no Kisetsu (クレナイの季節; Crimson Season)
  10. Kuchibiru Kara Ai wo Choudai (唇から愛をちょうだい; Give Me Love from Your Lips)
  11. Pajama na Jikan (パジャマな時間; Pajama Time)
  12. Magokoro no Michi (まごころの道; Road of Sincerity)
  13. Check-out (チェックアウト)


Suite Room Number 1 is the debut studio album by v-u-den. The first press of the album came in special packaging. The album reached #14 on the Oricon charts and charted for two weeks, selling 16,386 copies.

Oricon Ranking and Sales

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 9 11 18 27 36 37 14 13,907
46 - - - - - - 95 2,479
  • Total sales: 16,386

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