Plastic Tree – ALL TIME THE BEST


    ALL TIME THE BEST is the eighth best of album released by Plastic Tree. This was released in two different versions: a limited 2CD+GOODS edition and a regluar 2CD only edition. The limited edition comes with an original eco bag (reusable shopping bag). It was released because the band had switched labels from Universal Music Japan to Tokuma Japan Communications. Includes a preview for the band’s 29th single “Moonlight ____.“, their first single with the new label.

    Catalog Number
    UPCH-9575/6 (Limited Edition)
    UPCH-1785/6 (Regular Edition)
    ¥5,800 (Limited Edition)
    ¥3,500 (Regular Edition)
    CD#1 Tracklist
    1. monophobia
    2. Shoujo Kyousou (少女狂想; Fantasy Girl)
    3. 37°C
    4. Tremolo (トレモロ)
    5. Fuyu no Umi wa Yuuei Kinshi de (冬の海は遊泳禁止で; A Swimming Ban in the Winter Sea)
    6. Namida Drop (ナミダドロップ; Teardrop)
    7. Ruisen Kairo (涙腺回路; The Lacrimal Circuit)
    8. Wareta Mado (割れた窓; Broken Window)
    9. Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari (本日は晴天なり; Today is Going to be a Fine Day)
    10. Balloon (バルーン)
    11. egg
    12. Mizuiro Girlfiend (水色ガールフレンド; Light Blue Girlfiend)
    13. Sanbika (讃美歌; Hymn)
    14. Rocket (ロケット)
    15. Nejimaki Neurosis (ねじまきノイローゼ; Clockwork Neurosis)
    16. Kuuchuu Buranko (空中ブランコ; Sky Swing)
    17. Melancholic (メランコリック)
    18. Sanatorium (サナトリウム)
    CD#2 Tracklist
    1. Nemureru Mori (眠れる森; Sleeping Forest)
    2. Hontou no Uso (本当の嘘; True Lies)
    3. National Kid (ナショナルキッド)
    4. lilac
    5. Trance Orange (トランスオレンジ)
    6. Q
    7. Harusaki Sentimental (春咲センチメンタル; Blooming of Spring Sentimental)
    8. Mahiru no Tsuki (まひるの月; Midday Moon)
    9. 1999
    10. Uwa no Sora (うわのそら; Absent-Mindedness)
    11. Sink
    12. Sentou Kikai (幻燈機械; Slide Projector Machine)
    13. Closet Child (クローゼットチャイルド)
    14. Ghost
    15. Replay (リプレイ)
    16. Moonlight ____. (Yokokuhen) (ムーンライト——。(予告編); Preview(BONUS TRACK)



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