WEAVER – Shinsekai Souzouki.Kouhen


    Shinsekai Souzouki.Kouhen is the third mini-album released by WEAVER. It is the second in a two consecutive month mini-album release campaign, Shinsekai Souzouki.Zenpen is the first entry. This was released in two different CD only versions. The limited edition comes with another version of their fourth digital single “Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umare Kawatta mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~” and special packaging.

    Catalog Number
    AZCS-1009 (Limited Edition)
    AZCS-1010 (Regular Edition)
    1. Ai no Katachi (愛のカタチ; Shape Of Love)
    2. Shinsekai (新世界; New World)
    3. Saishuu Bus (最終バス; Final Blue)
    4. Tabidachi no Uta (旅立ちの唄; Departure Song)
    5. BLUE
    6. Kanseitou (管制塔; Control Tower)
    7. She ~Kimi ga Saisho de Yokatta~ (キミが最初でよかった; You Were Nice From The Beginning)
    8. Bokura no Eien ~Nando Umare Kawatta mo, Te wo Tsunagitai Dake no Ai Dakara~ (Acoustic Version) (僕らの永遠〜何度生まれ変わっても、手を繋ぎたいだけの愛だから〜; Our Eternity ~Reborn Too Many Times, I’d Love To Hold Hands~(Limited Edition Track)

      From the JS! Wiki

      “Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa” is the eighth single released by Kalafina. The title track will be used as the insert song for the anime Kuroshitsuji II.


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