Hamasaki Ayumi – Love songs


Released 2010.12.22

Love songs is the twelfth full-length studio album released by Hamasaki Ayumi. The album will be released in three versions: CD+DVD edition, CD only edition, and a limited micro SD + USB + DVD + LP-sized photobook edition. First pressings will also come with sleeve cases and special serial-numbered cards to access exclusive web content. The USB will features the songs in .wav format, as well as .aiff format. The album will be released on the same day as Dream ON, a collaboration single with Urata Naoya of AAA.

Catalog Number
AVCD-38217/B (CD+DVD)
AVCD-38218 (CD Only)
AVZD-38219/B~C (micro SD+USB+DVD+LP Photobook)
¥3,990 (CD+DVD)
¥3,150 (CD Only)
¥8,800 (micro SD+USB+DVD+LP Photobook)
CD Tracklist
  1. Love song
  2. crossroad
  3. MOON
  4. sending mail
  5. Last angel
  6. insomnia
  7. Like a doll
  8. Aria
  9. blossom
  10. Thank U
  11. Sweet Season
  12. overture
  13. do it again
  14. November
  15. Virgin Road
  16. SEVEN DAYS WAR (CD-only & regular press CD+DVD bonus track)
  17. SEVEN DAYS WAR (Live at Yoyogi on Oct.11.2010) (CD+DVD/SD+USB first press bonus track)

DVD Tracklist
  1. MOON (video clip)
  2. blossom (video clip -director’s cut-)
  3. crossroad (video clip)
  4. Sweet Season (video clip)
  5. Virgin Road (video clip)
  6. Last angel (video clip)
  7. Love song (video clip)
  8. do it again (video clip)
  9. MOON (making clip)
  10. crossroad (making clip)
  11. Sweet Season (making clip)
  12. Virgin Road (making clip)
  13. Last angelLove song (making clip #1)
  14. Last angelLove song (making clip #2)
  15. do it again (making clip)

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