Okada Masaki, Eikura Nana star in Zeze Takahisa’s “Antoki no Inochi”


Just a few days ago, director Zeze Takahisa (50) won two jury awards at the Berlin International Film Festival for his 278-minute epic “Heaven’s Story.” Now, details of his next film have been released – he will be heading an adaptation of the novel “Antoki no Inochi” by singer and writer Sada Masashi (58). The movie stars Okada Masaki (21) and Eikura Nana (23), who are working together for the first time.

Okada plays a young man named Nagashima Kyohei, who has closed off his heart ever since an incident that occurred during his high school days. Despite that, he begins working a job handling the personal belongings of the deceased, and through that he faces the concept of “life” head-on. Eikura plays his co-worker Kubota Yuki, and their attraction to each other is the catalyst needed for Kyohei to gradually open up his heart. However, just as he begins, he learns about Yuki’s shocking past.

This will be Sada’s fourth novel to get a movie adaptation, after “Shoro Nagashi,” “Gege,” and “Bizan.” “Antoki no Inochi” is one of his more recent works, having been published in 2009.

Zeze plans to begin shooting the film on March 1 and aims to have it ready for theatrical release this fall.



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