3D film of LUNA SEA’s Los Angeles concert to hit theaters in June


Last year, rock band LUNA SEA revealed that their concert in Los Angeles on December 4 was being recorded in 3D, to later be turned into a theatrical film in Japan. The band recently revealed dates and venues for the cinema screenings, set to start on June 4, 2011.

The concert, held at the Hollywood Palladium, was part of LUNA SEA’s world tour (“20th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR REBOOT -to the New Moon-“) that they embarked on in late November to celebrate their reunion. That tour took them to Bochum (Germany), Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Taipei before they headed home to a series of shows at the Tokyo Dome for Christmas.

The Los Angeles show was shot using technology from leading 3D company 3ality Digital. Production of the theatrical film proceeded under the direction of Otsubo Sojiro, who has worked with LUNA SEA since their debut and with many other top artists. Parts of the movie, such as interviews with the band members during their tour, were shot in regular 2D.

Barks has a gallery of promotional images, as well as a list of the theaters that are currently scheduled to screen the movie.



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