cro-magnon guitarist Kosuga Tsuyoshi arrested for possession


Guitarist/bassist Kosuga Tsuyoshi (35) of the 3-member rock band cro-magnon was arrested on Saturday for possession of cannabis, violating Japan’s Cannabis Control Law. According to police, he stated that he acquired the drug from an acquaintance at an event, and he acknowledged that he was planning to smoke it.

At about 7:55am on April 30, Kosuga visited a convenience store in Kokurakita, Kitakyushu, located in Fukuoka, Japan. A store employee noticed that Kosuga had a plastic bag in his pocket. After Kosuga left the store, the employee found a bag containing marijuana on the floor and reported it to the police. Footage from the store’s surveillance camera showed that the bag fell out of Kosuga’s pocket as he was leaving.

Kosuga likely acquired the marijuana at a late-night event in the same city the night before, where cro-magnon performed as a band.

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