Morning Musume opens applications for 10th generation audition


It has only been four months since idol group Morning Musume added four new members as part of its 9th generation, but the group unexpectedly announced on Sunday that it is already preparing for its 10th generation audition.

During their concert at the Nakano Sun Plaza, current leader Takahashi Ai (24) introduced a video message from producer Tsunku (42). In it, he stated that he is looking to recruit girls who will “energize Japan with their smiles.” The 10th generation audition is being titled “Genki Jirushi” (“mark of liveliness”) to reflect that goal.

The audition requirements state that applicants must be between the ages of 10 and 17 as of April 1st of this year. The deadline for applications is June 13. More information about the audition will be posted on a special website.

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