BLiSTAR goes on hiatus due to vocalist MAYU’s marriage, pregnancy


Female rock band BLiSTAR announced that vocalist MAYU is now married and is six months pregnant with her first child. As a result, the band is now on hiatus as of June 1st.

According to a message from MAYU that accompanied the announcement, she and the man had been dating for a long time. He is not in the entertainment industry, so no further personal details about him were revealed.

BLiSTAR originally began activities in 2004 under the name THE PINKā˜†PANDA. They used that name until 2008, and then in 2009 they re-formed as BLiSTAR, making their major label debut that same year. The group currently consists of vocalist MAYU, guitarist RINA, and drummer NANA-A.



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