Actor Sugiura Naoki dies at 79


Actor Sugiura Naoki died of lung cancer in his Tokyo home on the night of September 21st. He was 79. According to sources close to Sugiura, he became ill in mid-July and was diagnosed with cancer. He was admitted to the hospital and was undergoing radiation therapy, but on September 1st, he decided on his own to end the treatment and leave the hospital.

Born in Aichi in 1931, Sugiura joined the drama club in middle school, aiming to become an actor since a young age. He went on to study in the arts at Nihon University, but later dropped out of school. In 1950, he joined the Shinkyo Gekidan acting troupe, and the following year he helped form the Shin-Engeki Kenkyusho troupe with colleagues Uchida Ryohei and Komatsu Hosei.

In 1957, Sugiura made his movie debut in “Ore wa Matteruze.” The next year, he joined the studio Shochiku and appeared in dozens of films before turning freelance in 1962. After that, he mainly appeared in Toei films, but he also expanded his television career. Some of his best known dramas were “A, Un,” “Kishibe no Album,” and “Chichi no Wabijo.”

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