Tokyo Jihen to disband in February


Rock band Tokyo Jihen (also known as Tokyo Incidents) announced on their official website today that they are breaking up. The band will officially dissolve on February 29, 2012.

Tokyo Jihen was formed in 2004 by vocalist Shiina Ringo. The group currently consists of Shiina, bassist Kameda Seiji, drummer Hata Toshiki, guitarist Ukigumo, and keyboardist Izawa Ichiyo.

Before they disband, Tokyo Jihen will hold a final tour in February, with shows at Yokohama Arena (February 14-15), Osaka-jo Hall (February 21-22), and Nippon Budokan (February 28-29). All tickets will be sold by lottery. Applications are being accepted from January 13 to January 23.

Tokyo Jihen is releasing a mini-album titled “color bars” on January 18. On February 15, they will release a live best album titled “Tokyo Collection” (containing a new song called “Sanjunisai no Wakare”) and a live DVD & Blu-ray titled “Discovery.”



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