Yamamoto Yusuke takes on first villain role in “Sadako 3D”


Actor Yamamoto Yusuke has been added to the cast of the “Sadako 3D” movie. This will be his first time in a villain role, as he plays a mysterious young man plotting to bring about the return of Sadako from the previous “Ring” films.

It was just revealed last month that the film stars Ishihara Satomi and Seto Koji, as a teacher and a web designer who become involved in a series of strange suicides related to a certain online video. Yamamoto’s character was once a popular artist online, but he disappeared after a particular incident. However, the police suspect him to be the one who first uploaded the video that seems to be causing the suicides.

As previously announced, “Sadako 3D” is scheduled for theatrical release on May 12, 2012.



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